Available Exclusively @ Mine Events

Les Nereidies
Les Nereides' unique creations have a playful yet very trendy look about them. From a vintage feel to the most current fads, the diversity in the collections means you'll be sure to find a peice or two that you just have to have.
The jewellery is all handmade and hand painted in their workshops in Paris, making each piece unique.
The collections mix the latest trends, shapes, colours and materials playing with its most fashionable clients aspirations. It's funny, tender and provocative temper mixed with its elegance and careful attention to every detail make Les Nereides a favourite brand for those looking for originality and exclusivity in their accessories.
We will be selling Les Nereides in store only and at our pop-up events. We believe you have to see it to believe it - touch and feel the quality and appreciate the remarkable craftsmanship in the flesh...so check out our pop-up dates and pay us a little visit soon.